PSTN: (also known as a landline or single analogue line) refers to a dedicated single line used for voice and data transmission. This connection allows a customer to make and receive calls and is used to support an ADSL or FTTC broadband connection for data/internet.

ISDN2: A digital ISDN service designed to support 2-8 concurrent calls and supplied in blocks of 2 with the option of adding DDI numbers. Ideal for smaller businesses. This type of circuit would be connected to a PABX phone system to route calls. Most companies went down the route of providing these lines for small businesses if they didn’t go down the route for providing ISDN30.

ISDN30: A digital ISDN service for larger businesses, designed for larger businesses needing more than 8 concurrent calls. An ISDN30 circuit supports up to 30 concurrent calls on one bearer but further bearers can be added to provide additional lines on the same number(s). ISDN30 also has the option to add DDI numbers and would be connected to a PABX phone system to route calls. Most larger customers went for this route, which was the way forward but now that the increase of available connectivity and bandwidth the switch to a Hosted Telephony platform has ow become a reality.


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Move to Hosted Telephony by  2020 to be completed by 2025