How to grow your Business with Cloud Telephony

VTiconnect – How to grow your business with cloud telephony

Growing sales and improving efficiencies are the top priorities for more than half of the UK’s Small and Medium sized Enterprises. Firms using cloud telephony are growing faster, more productive and more efficient than those who don’t.

This guide shows you how to use cloud telephony to help your business thrive. We look at successes that small businesses are achieving, what you can learn from them and offer a practical action plan to put you on the right track for growth.


#How To Grow

UK businesses employing up to 250 people are vital to the health of the British economy. They are the largest creator of jobs. They earn £1600 billion in revenues. According to the London Stock Exchange, the top 6% of smaller companies are set to create 230,000 new jobs and add another £38 billion to the economy.

The Confederation of British Industry, the Federation of Small Businesses and the Innovation Value Institute underline the importance of effective use of technology to the success of the SME Ltd Connect to us form 1
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