Successful steps we believe at Vticonnect to buy cloud telephony

How to buy cloud telephony: four steps to success

Reasons to buy cloud telephony

Does your business have people working at multiple offices or people working remotely – at home for example? Do your employees use mobile ‘phones? Do you want to lower all of your company’s telephone bills?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should consider buying a cloud telephony service.

Making cloud telephony easier for you to buy

Many businesses have reported difficulties in understanding the difference between traditional telephony charges and cloud telephony costs. Inclarity believes that more informed buyers become satisfied customers. That’s why we invest in making it easy for businesses to understand the benefits available from cloud telephony.

Call charges made simple

Cloud telephony routes calls over the Internet using secure computers and connections. This means that any call made between one cloud telephony device and another is free of charge.

You pay call charges when your cloud telephony device calls a regular landline or mobile telephone. Many people call this type of call “breaking out from the cloud” which simply means your cloud phone is using a traditional telephone network and so you have to pay.

By using cloud telephony across all of your organisation’s landlines and mobiles, you make all internal calls free from call charges. Calls to other organisations using cloud telephony are also free.

Traditional telephony costs Cloud telephony costs
Landline monthly rental Monthly licence fee
Call charges from landlines to landlines Call charges for external calls made to traditional landlines and mobiles
Call charges landlines to mobiles
Monthly mobile contract fee
Call charges for exceeding bundled minutes and texts



Step one: determine the Return on Investment benefits you expect.

Step 2: check service reliability

Step 3: make sure you can support remote and mobile workers

Step 4: check the security of your service

Cloud telephony services have a different Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment than traditional phones. If you are using landlines and mobiles, you will be paying line rental fees, mobile package fees and call charges. As we saw above, these costs do not apply to cloud telephony. Instead, you pay a monthly fee and charges for calls you make to any number that does not use cloud telephony.

The partner we use owns their own Broadsoft platform in the cloud. What we have found is that going to cloud services used to be a really scary service but that has now changed all it means is that all of your information is held in a UK based storage datacentre. This means that you wont have to physically rely on the information you need because it can be accessed only by you anywhere in the world.


The Broadsoft platform that we use with our selected supplier allows you to upgrade and to expand on an ongoing basis. The feature rich platform allows the highest standards of security and reliability. What more can a business want., Imagine that  that you have tons of experienced personnel siting behind you all the way. At you will be working as one of our customers and we will be the single point of contact with an Account Manager who really cares about your business. With our passion to succeed and your willingness to work with us will provide a winning formula.


The range of products we have able to offer will allow you as the customer to work with whichever package you feel that works for you. We always say that you should start off small and allow for growth.

Make it happen today and work with