Hosted Telephony – Legacy PBX vs Virtual PBX Voip

Imagine that you could be connected anywhere any time and a place. Well that is not the new reality of having a new Virtual PBX (PBX is another word for a telephone system). The Voip bit well that’s simple as well it just means that rather than making a call over the traditional network you make voice calls over a secure link over the internet.

Having the ability to be free from the building is now the new secure way of working. The partners that w work with now have made the impossible dream a way of working that becomes the normal day to day practice of making and receiving business calls. The beauty of making Voip calls not only is it simplier, easier and more reliable but gives  you the ablity to make simple moves and changes to your existing network.


But this is now only possible buy having the right amount of bandwidth, don’t forget that voice calls take the necessary bandwidth to make a voice call over the internet and takes preference over Data connectivity. What this means that if you are a heavy user of voice calling and uploading and downloading data then you might struggle with connectivity problems. So the rule at is to provide you with the ideal bandwidth that allows you to flex up accordingly so that you won’t be restricted to noise on the line – i.e congestion.

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