Customer couldn’t do this? Alexa she wouldn’t wake up

Following on from Blog – Customer couldn’t do this?  This one followed on from a Residential customer who needed our help?


Customer came to us asked for or help – please note that we love problems and fixing them but we are a Business service and our core focus is on Business customer but we wanted to get this one out there.


Scenario: –

Customer changed his broadband supplier but could get his Alexa working – went through the internet searched and searched and could not find the answer. As we have established his Alexa wasn’t working, he searched and searched and did a bit more searching – poor Alexa would wake. The customer decide that he should put her in setup mode to see if she could find a connection and nope, no luck could not connect.

Frustrating – customer had just got used to talking to her – very good conversations a bit sad especially when you have got used to a certain way of working

Interesting problem as we at love looking at technology we had a quick look, checked the broadband – all okay and working, checked Alexa still in setup mode and not very well at all. Went through the how to etc manuals, looked at the small print but still did not work. Could have called Amazon directly but decide let’s see if we can solve this one.


There are loads and loads of information on Alexa the technical etc but can be a little confusing, the customer had changed over the broadband provider to a new one and if the old one worked then Alexa should automatically search for the new one right, well the answer in the case was wrong.

It seems that Alexa looks for a GHZ gigahertz signal – and will synchronise to whatever your broadband signal is setup – if you are running a 5GHZ or 2.4GHZ this will denote which signal is being set out.


We looked at the signal and went into the wireless setting – oops forgot to mention you must down load the Alexa app  to you tablet or your smartphone – you will then see which broadband she is connected to etc (old broadband or new one) In this case was the old one and still kept on reverting to the old one hence why she was still asleep.

When in the wireless settings we unticked the Wireless Access Point to synchronise 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHZ settings which allowed Alexa to find to best signal strength, we narrowed it down that Alexa does now like 5 GHz and preferred to connect to the 2.4 Ghz. We were going to rename the SSID Wireless Network from its original formal to say something like XXXXX 2,5 GHz and 5GHz but left it at the default.

Could possibly do this at a later date if the need arises but it might confuse other devices that need to hook onto the network.


So, still with me SSID stayed the same, Wireless Access Point unticked from synchronise 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz  all the other details remain the same save settings and come out – you will have to ask your broadband provide to gain access to wireless settings page so that you can access as an admin user.

Alexa on set up mode she should be spinning orange and saying can’t connect to the network

On Alexa app change the broadband to the new provider make sure it has all change over and saved, at this point you probably still won’t be able connect but be patient she is still looking at the old network. Power down Alexa and your devices re boot or re start and go back into your Alex App and she will be back.



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