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Voice and Data Cabling


The customer had this  setup – Now the engineer at this stage decided to test the number of pairs these are basically the cables that come into the Line box this is going to be usually 2 pair or  3 pair cables – simply one for voice one for data and the third one to loop back – please note that if you have voice and data coming over one pair – which one takes the lead – remember voice over data – speech over data so if someone is using the phone and someone else is using the internet the voice packets will take over the space and barge out the way the data so the internet upload and download speeds will be compromised.

Don’t forget there is always a waiting usually 80/20 for voice and data packets (roughly)- usually set at the exchange. Now as the customer was using the method below, he had actually found out that he was actually using a 2 pair cable and not the 3 pair cable which would have kept the voice and data traffic separate.

So, this could be the problem – Yes at last we finally solved it but what next.? The voice and data traffic were basically using the same motorway and causing all sorts of problems.

Two ways of doing this the easy way and quick fix way or the tricky way and possibly the right way even though both ways will achieve the same outcome. (We are going to look at the hard wired one next but running out of time for this one)

Customer didn’t mind going wireless so that was one hurdle to overcome – if you are still with me after this good luck and I hope it hasn’t been too boring but let’s crack on with it and get to the end because having trouble typing this much – hence why pictures are easier.

Here we go – the front of the line box needs to be taken off and replaced with a new face which has two feeds come into it – Once for Voice and the other for data – connected into the router the router needs to be into close proximity to the line box –  Pictures of the  voice and data to be inserted 


Now that the front has been changed the voice and data can be separated – this method it is going to be impossible to hard wire or attach a ethernet cat 5 cable because it is now all going wireless with the correct speed – we would also recommend a booster box to be put in the middle to help with an uplift in the speed so that the levels remain constant.

Don’t forget which is always a problem that whenever you work on the network power down all the devices and router and reset – the network needs to have a fresh connection where the network connection needs to go and doesn’t want to see any of the other settings.



See the source image

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