Customer couldn’t do this? Blog for PSTN setup for a residential customer ~3 to connect to Voice and Data

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So far the speed test is done and comes up with X and should be Y  – If the Data flow comes back and it is what you have expected then great but if not then we have to keep going.

I know pictures would be good but wait if you please I will put something together so it becomes clearer at the moment it is down in its raw detail.

OK – Speed test is not good then what – you had the line installed which is the PSTN line which will come into the premises and will terminate on the linebox – the little white box in the inside of the house, make sure that this is the primary master socket and not an  of a extension of a line box –  Now this is where it becomes a little tricky – this will depend on what you need to do next.


Does the cable that comes into the Linebox have a single outlet or a double? Crucial point. Let’s take this one step at a time

Linebox A

See the source image



Linebox B

See the source image


This is very important the residential line box A is using one outlet  but could have multiple pair cables inside the box – This line box will need a Line box connector – see below to basically separate the voice and data aspect. Now this customer had the single line box above with the voice and data connected and attached to a router to allow for the data traffic, but still could get the right amount of bandwidth.


The customer had Line Box A with the multiple adaptor below connected.

Still no luck the broadband was working but the speed was pants – frustrating and causing upload and download speeds to go bananas metaphorically speaking but you can see the frustration come out. So he did the check speed was down, internet was working but pants and still he could couldn’t see what he problem was. Does anyone know what it is at the stage ?

Image result for doubller line box connectors

Still working on the problem – line was connected the lights were on the connection was basically connected and still the speed level was pants – so he searched the internet – no luck just the same old message boards explain about  a problem that happened in the prehistoric age which could not help anyone apart from the person who had had just discovered the internet.


Next Blog –  ~4 to connect to Voice and Data

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