Customer couldn’t do this? Blog for PSTN setup for a residential customer ~2 to connect to Voice and Data

Following on from Blog – Customer couldn’t do this? Blog for PSTN setup for a residential customer ~1

Ok,  if you got the first bit – I usually draw pictures at this stage because I think as most people think and dream in pictures it gives your brain a better understanding of how it all connects and fits together.

I will put some drawings together so that it will be easier so if you can wait for that I will give you a better understanding of where I am going. At the moment I am going to put it down in writing so that even I can get a handle on where we need to be.

Now the customers residential broadband was not working even though he had waited for ages for it to be installed, tried the speed test and it was working but was not working to the desired speed test he had signed up – frustration and several phone calls later it was decided the technical department should make a visit – they did and rightly so the speed test showed that the speed was erratic and the data flow for the broadband dropped considerably.

So where does one go from here . before I go any further if you are this problem stage check the speeds of your broadband use this one we have checked some and they are not that reliable this one is very good and seems to be free from any dodgy viruses etc but also check

Don’t forget that this speed test above will be for rough guide lines but is pretty good, the technical team will probably have a more powerful tablet which allows for complete accuracy but this will do the job.

OK – so far we have looked at the problem the Business customer had for his residential line and worked out that in order for us to move forward we need to strip the problem back to the basics and look at the problem in small chunks that can be checked, verified and taken out of the bigger problem.

Next Blog –  ~3 to connect to Voice and Data




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