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A recent customer of ours asked us to have a look at a problem 

They recently had a new home broadband and asked us to help out, firstly we had to look at his problem and develop a way that we could help out.  All he wanted was to have a decent broadband and TV package – please note we do not supply Residential services only Business service. If you are wondering why we are putting this blog out there, well wanted to just give you the heads up so you don’t have to search the whole internet for a solution when we have already figured it out.


As we explained we are a Business platform that provides the integration for PSTN lines usually ISDN2 or ISDN30 /e to work on a using VoIP services. But we had a quick look and suggested a way of helping out.

Now here is the problem they recently installed let’s say a Satellite company’s broadband to use for internet connectivity and also for TV. Simple really, so they would use an EFM (Ethernet First Mile connection from the exchange to the cabinet – same as you would do in the Business world. (This is the digital bit hat sits outside of the telephone exchange and carries the speed.


Then connect the PSTN (This is the normal telephone line that comes into the house, if you were using normal broadband for a Business you would use the PSTN Line and convert this to a DSL line or commonly known as ADSL Line.

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